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February 5, 2016

When I Grow Up Preschool Emergent Reader Printable

My preschooler has worked hard this past year on learning her alphabet. We have excitedly chartered into new territory recently beginning to blend words and learn sight words. One fun way to encourage this beginning stage of reading is with emergent readers. I know firsthand the excitement my daughter feels when she learns how to read a small book all on her own, so it's a great tool to use. The creative preschool theme this week is "what I want to be when I grow up" so I put together this fun preschool emergent reader printable. It not only opens up great discussion on community helpers and occupations, but can help your preschooler learn the sight words, I, can, be and a.  

February 2, 2016

Adorable Wooden Spoon Lion Craft

We took a break from Valentine's Day crafts this week for some good ol' animal fun! This adorable wooden spoon lion craft is so simple to make. It's perfect for those days when your kids are feeling crafty but you don't want to create something too messy. Since it doesn't require any painting at all, it's an awesome mess-free craft. It also makes a great craft for after a trip to the zoo. 

January 28, 2016

Simple Paper Plate and Doily Butterfly Craft

One of my new favorite things is paper doilies. There are so many fun crafts you can make with them like our cute doily lion. We are continuing our doily obsession today by sharing how to make this simple paper plate and doily butterfly craft over at Artsy Momma today. The white paper doily hearts make it a sure fire hit for a fun Valentine's Day craft for kids.

January 26, 2016

Three Ninja Pigs Craft for Kids

A big thank you to Author Corey Rosen Schwartz for sponsoring today's kid craft post! Two of my children love all things ninja, so much that dressing up like a ninja happens several times a week around my house. It's one reason why we fell in love with The Three Ninja Pigs (affiliate) the instant we read it. Today we are sharing this awesome Three Ninja Pigs Craft that will delight the little ninjas-in-training at your house! Not only is it an awesome craft, but since it has movable arms and legs you can have fun pretend play after making her, helping her to conquer any bad guys that get in your way.

January 24, 2016

Heart Stamper Non-Candy Valentine with Printable

My daughter's dance teacher always gives her students a stamp on the hand after class to celebrate a job well done. My daughter adores it! So when I came across these little Valentine's Day stampers recently my heart fluttered with excitement because I knew they would make a perfect non-candy Valentine gift for all of my daughter's preschool classmates. Yesterday we shared how we used them on our 100 Hearts Preschool Math Activity and today I'm showing you how to turn your leftover stampers into these adorable heart stamper non-candy Valentine's. I've included the printable Valentine card to make them even more simple to put together.

January 22, 2016

100 Hearts Preschool Math Activity

My preschooler recently showed interest in counting from 1 to 100 by herself. I know having this skill down will be a huge benefit to her in Kindergarten next year so I've been working on putting together some activities for her that work on counting to 100. This 100 Hearts Preschool Math Activity puts some fun into learning and is a great compliment to Valentine's Day since it's all about hearts. We used fun little heart stamps in this activity but you could also use heart stickers as an alternative. Make sure to check out more creative preschool heart activities at the bottom of this post.

January 20, 2016

Doily Lion Kids Craft

Once the new year starts I love getting out the paper doilies. They seem to go hand in hand with Valentine's Day but I also love getting creative and coming up with different ways to use them for crafting. This year the Kids Craft Stars are hosting a monthly craft challenge. Each month we will incorporate a different craft medium into a simple kid craft tutorial. It is our hope to encourage you to have fun getting crafty with the little ones in your life and to provide you with a fun resource for kids craft ideas. This month is all about doilies and boy oh boy are we excited about this adorable doily lion kids craft that we made! Make sure to check out more doily crafts at the end of this post and see our craft challenge schedule for the year so you can participate too.