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May 28, 2011

Saturday Simple Joys

I love being a Mom! I really, honestly believe that God sent me my children more for my sake than for theirs. hahaha One of the simple joys of being a Mother is that every week it is THEM who ends up teaching ME lessons.

What I learned this week:

1. Even when you're in it to win it and are fighting really hard, do it with a smile on your face. 

We finished up Spring soccer season this week. Not only was Andy incredible this season but he always played with a smile on his face. I feel like it says so much about his character. He showed joy not only in his own accomplishments (like scoring a goal), but he got just as excited about everyone else's goals as well. I hope when the going gets tough in my own life, I can smile just like Andy does.

2. Be Brave. You're never too young to start chasing girls...Especially when they promise "they won't run too fast so you will be able to catch them." LOL!

But truthfully, my Luke is a shy one. He takes so much after me in this department. Getting out of his comfort zone is terrifying. But when these 3 little girls at Andy's soccer game (who he knows from church) came up to me and said, "Can Luke come chase us?" he braved up and had the time of his life.

It made me realize that sometimes in my own life I give up too quickly or shy away from things and I hope the next time I am faced with a challenge I can be brave like my Luke.

3. It is so much more fun to walk than to sit or crawl.

This little girl of mine amazes me! 9 months old and she is not only walking, but practically running around the house. All I can say is watching her enthusiasm for walking motivated me this week to get off my butt and do some serious walking of my own. I often forget how thankful I am for these two legs of mine but watching her determination to use them to their full capacity has been inspiring.

What did your children teach you this week?


K. the Littlest Crafter said... Best Blogger Tips

What a great blog you have here! So many ideas for doing crafts with the little ones!

You are so right about learning from our children, they truly make me appreciate the little things in life.

Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such a sweet comment. I'm working on another curtain make over that I hope to be able to finish this week!

Have a lovely day!