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June 23, 2011

Beginnings of a Bedroom Makeover

When we moved into our house last Summer all of the walls were completely white. Sadly to say, every single one of them still is, except for one wall in the living room that I painted as an accent wall....Ok, I totally blame it on the fact that my baby was one week old when we moved in and so obviously I've been busy this past year. However, I've at that point where I'm feeling desperate to finally start doing some things around my house to make it more appealing.

I've really wanted to change up my boys' bedroom and make it fun for them so when I found these old, sturdy bunk beds on KSL Classifieds I knew I HAD to buy them, especially since their bedroom is on the small side. These beds have been through 7 children so even though they are really sturdy and are great quality, they need a major re-finishing job. There is permanent marker all over the place! haha

Don't mind the messy garage. We have about 9 million projects going on in there right now. haha

My favorite part of the bunk beds are the cubby holes in the head boards. My boys will be jamming them full of dinosaurs, I'm sure!

Since hubby has been out working on the bunk beds and I've been minus 2 this week (meaning my Mother-in-Law wanted some time with my boys so I shipped them off for a couple days), I've been a wee bit bored. So last night I decided to sew some new pillowcases for my boys as part of their bedroom remodel.

We found this fabric at Wal-Mart (of all places) and since my boys are BIG TIME DINOSAUR fans we decided to go with it. Plus, I already had some blues in the room anyways.

I am new at sewing so I had to look at some tutorials for how to sew a pillowcase. I was so pleased that I finally learned what a french seam was and was able to make one on my pillowcases, so now there won't be any fraying on the inside. Yay!

I think it's funny that instead of lounging around relaxing when my boys are gone, I make something for THEM instead. I guess once you have a child they are just literally always a part of you. The pillowcases were a success. Now I just need to go get a gallon of paint...

By the way, have you ever wondered what I do with all the crafts we do around here? With the help of my in-law's, I made these fun square magnet boards that are hung above their beds so they act as headboards. I painted them a color that matched their bedding and added some glitter glue on top to add some pizazz. Then I bought some wood letters from Michael's, painted them and glued them on the frame to personalize it. I debated painting chalkboard paint on them, but ultimately decided I didn't want the chalk mess in their bedroom (you know kids!).

So after hanging our crafts on the fridge for a week, we usually rotate them onto the magnet board. The boys love seeing all their projects up there and it makes fun bedtime conversation rehearsing what we read and learned all over again. Plus, it's just so dang fun to see all their creations up there!

Beyond the magnet board, I haven't figured out quite yet what to do with all the crafts. I've just been storing them for years in a box and figured I would put them in a scrapbook some day. What do you do with all your children's creations? I'd love some ideas.

PS- We found these darling Melissa & Doug Dinosaur Magnets that are on the magnet board at Ross for cheap. They literally consume any free space on the magnet boards because my boys love them so much!


Jackie Koll said... Best Blogger Tips

I've seen a few ideas for the crafts; One is to create a three ring binder for each child and you put the items in there; that way you can look throughit like a scrapbook. Another is just using a file box and file items by year. I like the binder idea because of the fact that the kids can also pull tlhe stuff out and look :-)

K. the Littlest Crafter said... Best Blogger Tips

First - I also love the headboard with the cubby, how awesome is that (like I need to tell you!)

Second - great job on the pillow cases, you're more of a sewing maven then you let on!

Third - I've been putting cafts and stuff in a binder - just slipping them into those page protectors. It's the fastest way to store them all...well currently most of them are sitting in a drawer waiting to be added into the binder but that's another story!

Melissa said... Best Blogger Tips

Following you from Mingle with us Blog hop!
Your pictures and crafts are so cute, thanks for sharing. =)

Lady Muck said... Best Blogger Tips

I'm totally with you - if I got a couple of days "off" I'd definitely be crafting for my kids (or shopping from them) - you are never completely "off duty" are you?

That fabric is so cute - and the cubby holes in the bed are just so cool - the perfect spot for prehistoric creatures to catch some zzzzzzzs.

With the kid's crafts, I keep drawings/ paintings etc that I particularly like or have significance (first time she drew the family all together, or first time she wrote her name etc) and put them in a scrapbook. Then the rest get put on the fridge and then eventually in the bin. With "sculptures" and 3d projects we have them out on display for quite a while - until they can be shown to all the relatives on skype, and then a photo is taken of it and it gets binned. Sounds tough I know, but we live in an apartment so there just isn't room :(

Thanks for finding my blog - really glad I came over and checked yours out too!

LM x