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July 25, 2011

Story time "Happy Birthday Moon" & Creating a Moon Masterpiece

We had so much fun this week re-creating the Moon! Here's a little sneak peek before I show you how to make it....

We started by reading a couple stories. "Happy Birthday, Moon" by Frank Asch. Love this Story!!

It's about a Bear who thinks it would be fun to get the Moon a Birthday present. He climbs up to the top of a mountain to talk to the Moon and he really thinks the Moon is talking back to him, only it's really just his own echo. My kids LOVED this story. They giggled and giggled and it was lots of fun!

We also read "The Boy and the Moon" by James Carroll. Honestly, this story was weird and I didn't like it at all. hahaha! The only reason I read it to my kids was because I loved the illustrations in it of the Moon, and I also loved how it showed the Moon in different phases. Not a book to buy, just check it out at the library like I did.

After reading we set off to make our very own Moon masterpieces. We wanted to make sure the moon had lots of texture so we used a special painting technique. This is how it turned out.

Materials you will need:
-black sheet of card stock paper (I used construction paper but if I had to do it again I would pick card stock because of the thick paint)
-white crayon
-cereal bowl (to trace the Moon shape)
-white paint
-paint brush
-Empty bottle with plastic cap on it (we used an empty water bottle)
-star stickers

1. Trace your cereal bowl onto your black paper with the white crayon.

2. Mix together white paint with flour until it is the consistency of cottage cheese, and paint that onto your Moon circle.

3. While the paint is still wet, press your circular plastic cap onto your Moon all over to create even more texture. Then let the paint dry completely. Since it was thick, we let it sit over night.

4. Add some star stickers for finishing touches.

Here is a close up of the Moon when it is completely dry. I love the circle indents and the cracks. Super fun stuff!! After we got all done with this project my 6yr old said, "I thought the Moon had gray in it Mommy." So for added fun, it might be cool to add a bit of gray paint onto your dry Moon in places.

I hope you'll come around on Thursday because I have something "Out of this World" to show you!  :)

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Happy Crafting!!


Holly said... Best Blogger Tips

very cute project!

Smallgood said... Best Blogger Tips

I'm in awe. What an amazing piece of art for little hands. Very impressive.

This Farm Family's Life said... Best Blogger Tips

Love it!

Jenni said... Best Blogger Tips

Hello Rachel, just want to stop by and let you know that you won the TUTorial Giveaway! Shoot me an email so we can plan your custom TUTU!

Kristina said... Best Blogger Tips

HI, this is fantastic. Great idea. Thanks for sharing.
Kristina from

Stacy@{share and remember} said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh this is great! I think I'll have to do another moon project. : ) Thanks.

Anna said... Best Blogger Tips

What a cute project! How creative! Definitely will do this one!

ayin said... Best Blogger Tips

wow!!! love it so much !

Jill said... Best Blogger Tips

Yet another fabulous fun project! You have so many great ideas!

Thanks for linking to the Creating Success Worldwide blog hop!! Hope you'll come back again next week!
Jill @ Creating my way to Success

Kristina said... Best Blogger Tips

Looks like so much fun.

Dianne said... Best Blogger Tips

Cool moon craft! I'm going to use this next week when we do Goodnight Moon.

Love and Lollipops said... Best Blogger Tips

This is so cool - my little guy loves all things space at the moment - we will have to try this craft out! thanks for sharing!

Georgia :)

Stacy said... Best Blogger Tips

Thanks for the great idea! We used this as part of our Moon unit for Kindergarten and my 5 year old loved it! It was pretty fun. :-)