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September 13, 2011

The Best Thing in Life is....Family!

I've been thinking a lot this week about how blessed I am to have a loving husband and such beautiful, sweet children. When I was a little girl when someone asked me what I wanted to be when I grow up, I always answered, "A Mom." Some people mocked the idea, thinking it wasn't a real career. There were times in Elementary School the teacher didn't allow me to choose that (I know, rude!), so I picked the second best thing I could think of, an Elementary School Secretary. Hahahaha! When I was a child being a Mom was the ULTIMATE, it was what I aspired to be more than anything.

Now that I'm here....There are days that I feel overwhelmed. There are days I feel like I'm ready to rip my hair out and I have absolutely no patience left inside me. There are days (ok, lots of days) that I struggle dragging my butt out of bed in the morning. In fact, I believe I could sleep for 24 hours straight if allowed the opportunity, just to get a little ounce of make up time from all the sleep I've missed in the last 7 years...But I've got to say how right I was when I was child. Hands down, being a Mom is the MOST rewarding thing I will ever do in this life. Being a Mom will give me more wisdom and knowledge than anything else I ever do in this life. Being a Mom really is the ULTIMATE!

We've had some pretty cool family time lately, and since my family is the BEST thing in my life, I think that's totally worthy of blogging about. My husband's new found hobby is astronomy. We stayed up late last week to take a peek at Jupiter through our new telescope. It was pretty amazing! Last week we took a trip to the Clark Planetarium with the kiddos. We didn't see any movies, but really, there is so much other free stuff there, why would we need to spend money on seeing a movie that Lila would scream through.

The kids excited that they are walking on the Moon. Ok, I totally staged this picture. haha, it's funny.

Love that little heart bum taking a walk on Mars.

I know the sign stays "Stay on the Path" but I broke the rules a little bit....(even after a lady gave me a really dirty look)

I love these planet displays they have set up. The kids could really get a good understanding of the size comparisons of the planets.

We also took a trip to "This is the Place" in the blistering afternoon heat. The boys had a fun horse ride...

And we learned how deathly afraid Lila is of goats...

Now she's trying to tell him who's boss!

Awww, the 3 handsome guys in my life....

One of our most favorite recent adventures was going to the Tracy Aviary. We had never been there before and I've got to say what a hidden gem it is right in the center of Salt Lake City. We LOVED this place! First, we went to a bird show where my kids adored seeing a toucan in real life. They also got to feed a $1 donation to a crow. Pretty awesome stuff!

The boys got to measure up to see how big they were compared to different birds.

My kids loved the Flamingos.

And then I gave the camera to my husband who has much more patience and eye for photography. He actually uses the manual focus...And he got some pretty awesome shots.

The owl was one of my favorites. Those eyes are pretty scary!

This peacock allowed Mark to get up close and personal and I loved this picture he got because the Peacock has such beautiful feathers.

I loved this bird pictured below. It reminded me of a dinosaur and quickly became Luke's favorite because of that.

Those eyelashes are to die for aren't they? This was such a neat bird to see.

The Golden Eagle was also definitely one of our favorites. We have spotted a few out in the wild in Sanpete County and they are such beautiful birds.

We loved the Tracy Aviary so much that we are going to dedicate the next two weeks to learning more about birds at our house. I hope you'll come by to see our fun bird crafts and activities in the next couple weeks!

PS- I'm being Featured over at Here Comes the Sun today for my Space-Themed Crafts. Hope you'll stop by and check out Kelly's fun blog!

Here Comes the Sun


Amanda Joy said... Best Blogger Tips

So fun, we are riding the train down to go to the Planetarium. My kids love it! My husband and trek kids loved to tease me on our trek in June... I kept pointing out all of the different constellations.

Big D and Me said... Best Blogger Tips

Family time is the best - when my oldest was into astronomy I took different sized balls and put them on the floor to give him an idea of the smaller planets (marbles) and the larger planets (basketball) and the sun (I think it was a hoola hoop). I bet a hoola hoop would make a cool base for a planet project.

This farm family's Life said... Best Blogger Tips

Great post with great pictures. Looks like a fun place to visit.

Betsy said... Best Blogger Tips

Have fun with your bird theme! I love teaching about birds. BTW, thanks for all the kind words about my blog! When I read your first comment I yelled to my husband, "RACHEL FROM I HEART CRAFTY THINGS FOUND MY BLOG!! AND SHE LIKES IT!" I was so excited.

P.S. Love your space crafts!

Sell...Party Of 4 said... Best Blogger Tips

You pictures are GREAT! I have always loved the bird show. Being a Mom is truly the best job.

Jennifer said... Best Blogger Tips

Thanks for leaving me such a lovely comment on my blog :)I'm following you back.

I love family time! It makes the best memories!

<3 Jennifer