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January 11, 2012

Ice Fishing for Letters

Luke had fun ice fishing for letters the other day. This is such a simple project and is so great for reviewing letters, numbers, shapes, pretty much anything.

Here was our set up:

I purchased a roll of white wrapping paper at the dollar store and cut off a sheet to make my ice. I taped it to the floor to secure it. You could easily just tape white paper together to make the ice also. For the water hole, I taped 4 sheets of blue construction paper together and then cut out a circular shape. I used double stick tape to attach it to my ice.

I found some clipart HERE to make my fish. I added a paper clip near the gills so the magnet would attach to the fish. Here are all my letters in the fishing hole.

I set up a bucket on the ice for Luke to place all his fish after he caught them. Any container will do.

To make the fishing pole I used an empty wrapping paper role left over from Christmas. I used a hole punch to make a small hole in the end and then tied a piece of string to it.

At the other end of the string, I hot glued a magnet to a paper clip and then tied it to the string.

Now it's time to go fishing! Each time Luke caught a fish, he had to tell me what letter it was before he could put it in his bucket.

We also did lower case letters as well.

Even though my first grader didn't need a review with his letters, he also wanted a turn. He is currently working on passing off his subtraction facts at school so I thought it would be fun to turn subtraction flash cards into fish so he could practice them. There are so many possibilities with this.

Joyfully Weary recently did a smaller version of this project using a shoe box for the ice and a pencil for the fishing pole. It is FANTASTIC! She even created a printable of the flashcards that you can download. Make sure you stop by and check it out!

Happy Crafting!!


Rachel Kaylynn said... Best Blogger Tips

I love your larger version, it turned out really well! My sons would enjoy the larger pole and being able to "choose" their letter/fish.

Jackie said... Best Blogger Tips

OK now this is the best one yet...I like your pole so easy to do and the way you attached the magnet, so simple yet brilliant at the same time. I am doing a winter/artic unit this month so this will definitely be helpful. Thanks for sharing. You have been "pinned"

MiaB said... Best Blogger Tips

This is so creative!!! And so much fun!! I love it. I'm your newest twitter follower :) come find me if you can - mamamiash2h


Little Wonders' Days said... Best Blogger Tips

This looks like a lot of fun!

Lisa said... Best Blogger Tips

What a great activity! I might use this for sight word practice with my preschooler!

Criss-Cross Applesauce

Kelli said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh I just love your educational resources! I would love for you to share your stuff on my site via my weekly homeschooling on the cheap linky:

Amanda Joy said... Best Blogger Tips

We have a FHE lesson similar to this, but I HAVE to make this version. What a great idea. We have been seeing people out ice fishing on a little lake, and my kids would love this:)

Jenny said... Best Blogger Tips

This is such a cute idea and something I definitely need to try.

My first time linking up on the hop and I'm now your newest follower on GFC.

Esther said... Best Blogger Tips

That's so cool! My daughter loves the fishing game.

once we did alphabet fishing placing the magnet alphabets with magnets facing up!

Ally @momstownteach said... Best Blogger Tips

How fun is that? Love the ice fishing. Can relate to that here in Canada (well not so much this winter!)
Thanks for linking up to momstown arts and crafts!