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February 26, 2012

Finding Joy in Motherhood...

This pretty little lady has been getting over having croup this week. Let's just say it's been "one of those weeks". You know the kind where miraculously your body somehow finds a way to live on practically no sleep and still manages to function all day long. The kind where you will not find an ounce of patience left in yourself and the sound of "Mommy? Mommy?" almost drives you completely bonkers. Come on folks, we've all been there right?!

I may have completely lost my mind on Tuesday morning yelling at my husband for a reason I cannot even remember anymore (Wait a minute, it may have been Tuesday and Wednesday hahahaha!). This would definitely be the week that my husband deserves an award for finding a way to co-exist in the same house with me, and even in the same bed, for dealing with my complete lack of sanity as a result of Motherhood.

Can I show you something without you judging me? Andy brought home this assignment he did in class on his 100th day of school. The book was filled with the endings to words like ___ish   ___at and he had to complete the word by writing the beginning.

I was really excited as I got scrolling through the book to see the words he had written and then I got to the __it column.... (#39 below)

It wasn't one of my most proud moments as a Mom. I was actually surprised he picked that word because the word I usually blurt out in haste would have started with Damn. Ha!

If I'm being honest with you, during weeks like this I usually find that I have to dig deep to find the joy in Motherhood. All I really wanted to do was snuggle in my bed and watch Cake Boss on Netflix and I could care less how messy the house was. I am really sounding terrible right about now, aren't I? The truth is, despite the **it incident, I can honestly say how much God loves me because he sent me this handsome young man. He was my saving grace this week.

This has been hanging on my fridge since Valentine's Day. Andy made it for me at school. "I love you because you make my dinner and lunch and breakfast."

Earlier this week they were using stamps in one of their centers and he brought this home for me. He even stamped the period with a heart.  Awww...

And then on Friday, out of the blue he handed me something extra special.

I learned a big lesson this week. I learned that if you pay close enough attention, you can always find joy in your life through small and simple things. This week, it was the constant reminder that my sweet Andy loved me every day. And all the trials of Motherhood this week seem so small now when I think about it.

Andy's Artwork (He asked me if I could find the hidden message in the sky, hee hee)

This is what matters most folks...This family of mine is my JOY! I am one lucky Momma!


Tonii said... Best Blogger Tips

You are so amazing Rachel. I think we can ALL relate to weeks like the one you had. Those times that motherhood feels so mundane, exhausting and just overwhelming! You are so right, finding joy in the small moments is what makes it not only bearable...but makes us realize what a GIFT we truly have. Thank you for sharing your experience, you have inspired me to look more for the GOOD this week. Hope this ones better than last!! :)

Smallgood said... Best Blogger Tips

I think you have the best attitude about the ___it incident...blaming it on grandma and all. ;) But seriously, not a big deal. What'd he write for the ___uck word family? ;)

You have a beautiful family. What makes it so is how much love y'all have for each other.

Cari and Cortnee @ Two Sasters said... Best Blogger Tips

Aww! I am sorry you had a tough week but I love all the sweet notes you got from your son:)

Jenny K said... Best Blogger Tips

You are so right! Motherhood is demanding and can push you so hard sometimes, but it is always worth it. Always!

Josie said... Best Blogger Tips

:) you made me almost tear up!! We all have our 'weeks'!!!! God's awesome!

lindsy said... Best Blogger Tips

Awww. Yes, we've all been there. Sick kids + tired momma = not our very best. thanks for the great reminders. You have a sweet little boy there :)

Amanda Joy {Joy in the Jumble} said... Best Blogger Tips

The "incident" cracked me up:) I totally get and understand where you are coming from. The past month has been so frustrating... when I am at work all I want is to be at home, and once I am home... AHHH! Abbie has been terrible at listening and she has so much attitude. I now know how it was for my parents:) I find my self yelling and exasperated far too much. I need to find some balance. Those special moments with my kids will happen more often if I change my crabby attitude. An upcoming vacation alone will help the situation too:)

Aimee Bloom said... Best Blogger Tips

Omigoodness that was way too funny. We ALL have days-weeks-months- YEARS like these. My oldest had the croup as well- it is not fun!

My 2 year old did not sleep AT ALL last night and decided to show my daughters entire preschool how exhausted he was. It's times like those where this tired momma wants to throw herself on the floor and nevermind the fact that I look like a lunatic!

You're an awesome mom- embrace it ;-)

Shawna said... Best Blogger Tips

Too funny! Not only are you lucky to have such an adorable family but your kids are sure lucky! Enjoy!
The Picture Book Teacher's Edition

Shari said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh, that icky nasty croup! The croup and my children are VERY well acquainted. I know what you mean about the word "Mommy" bugging you. I never, ever thought it could, but I occasionally have my days too.

Sell...Party Of 4 said... Best Blogger Tips

I still am laughing at #39. I am surprised neither of my kids have caught on to all my naughty words!

You are such a good Mom.