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April 29, 2012

What I Loved about being a Mom this week

We all know being a Mom isn't the easiest job in the World! Even though I often feel frustrated or discouraged most days, I take the time every Sunday to reflect on the small things that made me happy as a Mom that week. It's a great way for me to start the new week with love and gratitude.  :)

1. Big Brothers who entertained Lila with rides in the red wagon every single day.

2. The fact that a dirty bum means we've had lots and LOTS of fun!

3. Playful wrestling matches.

4. That silly look she likes to give me.

5. Getting my Easter pictures in the mail that included all three kids looking at the camera and smiling. Score!

6. The fact that when it comes to a week full of colds and coughs, God graces Mother's with Super Hero Powers to get through it all, even when she herself gets the worst of the illness. We somehow find the strength to not mind the wiped snot all over our shirt. It kind of becomes a badge of honor! Lol

What did you love about being a Mom this week?


Sell...Party Of 4 said... Best Blogger Tips

Your Easter pictures turned out so good. It makes me wish that I would have been more prepared.

Deceptively Educational said... Best Blogger Tips

I love these posts you do! I just bought The Happiness Project journal, and it seems like the purpose is the same ... reflecting on the good, the joy, and the wonder even though sometimes its easier to focus on all the negative. It really helps to stop and remember all the amazing that happens amongst the chaos and the mundane! Keep it up! You're such a good momma!

Growing a Jeweled Rose said... Best Blogger Tips

Aw, how adorable are those Easter photos! And total score on all 3 kids smiling and looking at the camera. How did you do that lol

The Iowa Farmer's Wife said... Best Blogger Tips

What beautiful pictures!! Love that you got one of them all looking AND smiling! :) This week I loved taking my daughter on walks in her wagon (for the first time this year) and seeing my little boy try to clap for the first time. :)

The Bishop Family said... Best Blogger Tips

Great blog! Love the booger badge of honor - so true!

You kids are precious and the Easter photo is awesome!

Amanda Joy {Joy in the Jumble} said... Best Blogger Tips

Such a cute post. I love the Easter Pic and well all of the pics. It is cute to have the memories of the kids all playing together nicely:)

SocialStudiesSoubrette said... Best Blogger Tips

I love that my Little Bit loves to dig in the dirt with me. He helped me garden and listened when I asked him to keep close while we were outside.

How lucky are you to get all three of your wee ones to look at that camera? Awesome blossom!

Shari said... Best Blogger Tips

Beautiful Easter pictures!