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June 10, 2012

What I Loved about being a Mom this week

(Every Sunday I try to reflect on some of the small things that made me happy as a Mom that week. It's a great way for me to start the new week with love and gratitude.)

Don't worry....I haven't forgotten about crafts. We started Summer in full swing this past week, already crossing lots off our summer bucket list. It was a good week!

1. Lounging at the foot of my bed in monkey and dinosaur hooded blankets.

2.  Trips down the slide together...The cutest thing I ever did see!!  :)

3. Her new love for all things "baby". She fell in love with this one at the thrift store so I bought it for her. She has given her two baths, tried to feed her from her sippy cup and with goldfish crackers, and has undressed her and wiped her bum with wipes. It is too cute!

4. How he is adorable even when he is sulking!

5. A picture perfect moment while playing in Nana Holly's backyard.

6. Watching Uncle Sol play on the trampoline with my kids and knowing my kids have been blessed with the best Aunts and Uncles in the Universe.  :)

7. A successful early morning fishing trip.

8. How she likes to go fishing in style.

What did you love about being a Mom this week?


Bunch of Bishops said... Best Blogger Tips

i love your mommy moments! Lila is adorable with her baby. I can't pick a favorite picture because they are all amazing. what a fun (and packed) week you had!

The Tompkins Family said... Best Blogger Tips

Big brother helping little sister down the slide is quite possibly the sweetest thing ever!

My favorite mommy moment last week was introducing the girls to worms while we did some landscaping.