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September 4, 2012

What I Loved about Being a Mom this Week

(Every week I try to reflect on some of the small things that made me happy as a Mom that week. It's a great way for me to start the new week with love and gratitude.)
I'm obviously late on this post this week...

There was a recurring theme to every day last week. It was a beautiful, curly, red-headed little girl who was inseparable with her baby doll. Reality suddenly struck me one day last week when I watched her snuggled up for a nap with her little doll and I realized I am raising a future Mommy. Such tender feelings fill my heart when I think about all the things she will go through and accomplish in her life. Sometimes I question myself; Am I teaching her enough? Am I showing enough compassion and patience? Am I giving her everything she needs?

All I know for certain is how thankful I am for this sweet little girl...And more than anything, I hope with all my heart that she loves being a Mom as much as I do some day.




Janiene Bishop said... Best Blogger Tips

If she is anything like her Mommy, she will do an incredible job! Love her pictures with baby.

San-lee said... Best Blogger Tips

Your little girl is adorable!

Amanda Joy {Joy in the Jumble} said... Best Blogger Tips

So cute. She will be a great mom with a love for teaching her kids too, I am sure:)

The Unlikely Runner said... Best Blogger Tips

such a sweet idea for a post! I love this!

Camille said... Best Blogger Tips

Aww, what a sweet and caring little one you have there. :)