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December 21, 2012

Handprint Reindeer Ornament

My toddler has been fascinated with me tracing her hands lately. I've seen so many fun ideas for handprint reindeers on Pinterest lately and decided to dive in and make a keepsake ornament for my little girl so I can remember her cute, little hands.

I hot glued an ornament hook to the back of the rudolph reindeer so we could hang it on our Christmas Tree. If you make these with a class, you could always leave the reindeer head white and let the kids color it to make it more personalized. Add the child's name and year on the handprints of the reindeer or on the back of it, and you have a fun keepsake ornament.



stayathomeadventures said... Best Blogger Tips

So cute! I have also seen this done where the body is an outline of the foot. This gives a keepsake of both the hands and the foot. So precious!