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December 11, 2012

Life Happened

I just took an unintentional blogging break...Life happened.
My husband and I are probably the only people in America who brave starting a big house project right around the holidays...My husband got a little crazy one day and that big huge entertainment center that we didn't like suddenly came tumbling down. Of course then it became a mad dash to get it all done before Christmas.
As a blogger, you'd think I would have thought to take a "before" picture...nope! But here is a small glimpse of the shelving behind Lila (who is giving her cabbage patch doll a ride on her zebra, so cute, right?!).
And then there was the drywall and taping and staying up into the wee hours of the morning 2 nights in a row painting the entire room, including the ceiling since we couldn't find a paint to match the existing color (it had started to yellow over the last 15 years). 

And then finally came the glorious day that there was no more tile but soft, wonderful carpet to walk on. If you live in a cold Winter climate like Utah, you will understand how cold a tiled family room is. Instead of patching the tile we just went ahead and made the splurge on carpet to make it how we really wanted.

My kids have already been in heaven running back and forth in this room endlessly and slithering on the floor as snakes to break in the carpet. A couple more finishing touches and I will have a completed room by Christmas and a dining room back which has currently been housing our couches. Merry Christmas to me!
But wait...there was also this past week where the entire family has been sick with croup...
And my insane church calling that has torn me apart more than I would wish...
But I'm back...hopefully!


Tonii said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh dear, I can SO relate!! My blogging is on an indefinite hold because of LIFE...glad to see you are back though!!

Amanda Joy {Joy in the Jumble} said... Best Blogger Tips

What a fun project to get done before Christmas. It looks great, and I am glad your kids have been breaking in the new carpet:)

SweetPepperRose said... Best Blogger Tips

I only WISH my husband would finish our MBr project - please tell me how you got your hubby to do the room so quickly! It looks great!

Von said... Best Blogger Tips

I loved the finished product. Yeah for carpet. I wish we were handy enough to finish our own basement, instead I have to wonder when we will ever have an extra 10 grand just sitting around. :)