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December 16, 2012

Organized Kitchen Fun Giveaway

I have a fun giveaway for you sponsored by The Organized Parent to help motivate you to get your kitchen organized. My favorite thing about The Organized Parent is how they carry such unique products. I'm excited to share some of the fun items they sent me this month.
I originally fell in love with Kikkerland products back in July when I tried out their functional list pads and talking animal clips. This time around I was able to use their Safe Kitchen Timer and Bear Bag Clips.
The black and stainless steal design of the Safe Timer is meant to look like a safe dial. It is magnetic and sticks right to your fridge which makes a fun little accent. My kids can't help but play with it constantly and my husband even commented how cool it looks. While I am impressed with it's design, it's buzz is not loud by any means, so you'll have to stay at a close distance from your kitchen if you have it set for something important. I have found it really useful for getting my kids motivated to read for their full 20 minutes each night for homework since they get to turn it around and listen attentively for it to buzz.
Their little bag clips are not only fun, but are used almost on a daily basis at our house. You can use them to close just about anything, and with having 3 kids and having snack time every day, they are almost a necessity.
I have a toddler who loves to get her hands on things like bag clips. They become a toy to her and she will walk around the house clipping anything she can with them. I have to say that in the past she has broken several different kinds that I've owned, but she has yet to break one of these. I've been really impressed with how sturdy they are. They definitely get my thumb of approval.
I was also able to try out an "All out of" Pad by Knock Knock. I have shared over and over again before of how much of a list girl I am so I get really excited about products like these. When I get my grocery list ready every week I inevitably always forget something. Or then there is the instances where I get everything on my list but items aren't in a great order so I end up walking all over the store several times, instead of just going through each section once and grabbing what I need.
This All Out Of Pad helps to solve those two problems. Since it comes with a heavy magnet on the back, you can attach it right to the front or side of your fridge so you can conveniently mark items off the instance you are out of them, instead of having to try to remember them later when you are making a grocery list. It also has items broken down into categories so you won't overlook items on your list that are out of order. I like that they have blank entries for each category since all of the items listed on the pad are general things. I really like the idea that this pad could possibly save me multiple trips to the grocery store.
The last item I was able to try are these Raval Page Flags by Girl of All Work. They have stepped up the traditional page flags by creating a stylish way to bookmark important pages in books, magazines and documents. They have several varieties with fun designs on them, but I received the Chefs Set that are specifically for bookmarking different kinds of recipes.
At first I wondered if this was an item I would really use. They look fun and all, but are they really useful? Then this past week I was doing homework with my Kindergartner which required us to look through a magazine. There were several different recipes in the magazine that I looked at and wanted to remember, but I didn't want to rip the entire page out of the magazine. I remembered these fun tags I had and they came in so useful for marking the pages for me to return to later. I don't feel like this is an item I would use on a regular basis, but they are still a fun, unique item to have around. Their other designs not specific to recipes would probably be used more on a regular basis.
The Organized Parent is offering all of my readers a 15% off discount off all of the brands mentioned in this post during the month of December. To use this offer, use the following promotion codes at checkout: OP106 for Kikkerland products, OP128 for Knock Knock Products and OP105 for Girl of All Work Products.
The Organized Parent has provided me with (1) Safe Kitchen Time by Kikkerland, (1) Bag Clips set of 6 by Kikkerland, (1) All Out Of Pad by Knock Knock and (1) Raval Page Flags by Girl of All Week to give away to one lucky I Heart Crafty Things reader. ($27.85 retail value).

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**The Organized Parent provided me with all of the products reviewed in this post free of charge for the sole purpose of reviewing their products, but all opinions are my own.


Cherie said... Best Blogger Tips

The kitchen timer would be the most useful for my kitchen!

MKMmom said... Best Blogger Tips

awesome bag clips. Very cutr.

MKMmom said... Best Blogger Tips

awesome bag clips. Very cutr.

Briana Richardson said... Best Blogger Tips

The all out of pad would be helpful!

Marie Jane Rosell Jaime said... Best Blogger Tips

I think I will be using the bear clips more often.. Since my kid usually leaves food without consuming everything. And because we control what he eats. :)

William Plemons said... Best Blogger Tips

LOVE love love the bag clips!

Julie @ Hey mommy, Chocolate Milk

Cynthia said... Best Blogger Tips

I would love the page flags. I am always marking pages for recipes. Thanks!

Angelina said... Best Blogger Tips

Love the adorable cute bag clips and am really in need of those as ours seem to be 'disappearing' constantly.