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February 16, 2013

Little Leprechauns Craft

I've had this little craft idea in my head for a while now and was ecstatic to finally make it with my kids now that Valentine's Day has passed.
My idea to make little Leprechaun's started when I made this Five Little Turkey's Craft with Lila last November using mini cupcake liners. I looked at the liners and thought the little ridges were a perfect texture for little beards.
After being unsuccessful in finding orange cupcake liners anywhere local, we decided to just paint some orange.

While the cupcake liners dried, I cut out little Leprechaun hats from green construction paper and green polka-dot scrapbook paper and my boys helped cut out circles from a manila folder for the faces. The manila folders are the perfect Leprechaun skin tone color, eliminating the need for paint.

Once the cupcake liners are dry, glue the faces onto them, and then the hats.

Next, glue the Leprechauns all over a sheet of cardstock paper. We chose to use a light mint colored sheet for our background. Once the Leprechauns are glued to your background, use school glue to add small wiggly eyes to your Leprechauns.

At this point I thought our little Leprechaun's looked like they were missing something (other than facial features). I searched through my craft supplies and saw these Metallic Tri-Beads that I received from I took a green bead out of the package and realized that their three sides made them look just like little shamrocks. Perfect!! We glued a couple little shamrocks onto each Leprechaun's hat. If you can't find the Metallic kind, their Tri-Beads Rainbow assortment also has green beads in them.

My kids' favorite part was adding the facial features to their Leprechauns. Little freckles and eyebrows are a must!!

Here is Andrew's collection of Leprechauns.
Here is Lila's artwork. I helped hold her crayon and guided her in making the smiles and eyebrows. She was ecstatic about pressing her crayon down to make freckles everywhere.
 Luke's darling Leprechaun's
Stop by on Monday to see what books we are reading for St. Patrick's Day.
In case you missed our Leprechaun craft from last year, you can check it out HERE.


Tonii said... Best Blogger Tips

I always feel like such a broken record when I comment...but seriously, I LOVE these leprechauns!! They are so darling, and I love the idea of using cupcake liners. On a total other note...your blog is looking fabulous!! I love how fresh and clean it is. Keep up the fantastic work girl, you are inspiring!!

Carrie said... Best Blogger Tips

These are so cute!! Oh, we are definitely going to have to try this one.

Carrie said... Best Blogger Tips

These are so cute!! Oh, we are definitely going to have to try this one.