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July 17, 2013

The one where I tell you we are all like Mother Ducks

What is it about a Mommy Duck swimming around with her little ducklings that brings such warm fuzzies to the heart?
You see the fuzzy babies and you can't help but ooooh and aahhhh at their sweetness and pureness.  You watch as they follow Mom's every call and stand by her side for protection and guidance. 

You can't help but watch in total admiration for these Mother's who without a doubt, love their sweet babies. Sometimes it's just one lone babe with it's Mother...

Other times it's eight...

Whatever the case, they have one common goal and protect and care for those babies. I guess in that sense, we Mother's are all a lot like Mommy ducks.
We have these babies...these oh so precious babies of our own. We look at them and our hearts ooooohh and aahhhhhh at their purity and beautiful innocence.
We feel this bond within our hearts to them that is bigger than could ever possibly be humanly expressed.
And we all have this common goal... To protect them! To teach them! And to love them!
That my friends is one of the beauties of Motherhood. We are in this together! And I love being on this journey with you. Thank you for being you and for loving your sweet babies! It brings joy to my heart! 


Kali Carollo said... Best Blogger Tips

Your kiddies are so adorable!

P is for Preschooler said... Best Blogger Tips

Great pictures! I love to watch the mother ducks watching over their babies, and I feel a kind of kinship with them.