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August 22, 2013

Dear Lila (on your third birthday)

Dear Lila,
Somehow in the blink of an eye you changed from my little baby to my little lady.
It seems like just yesterday that in your haste to keep up with your brothers you were learning how to walk at 9 months old. Now your brothers struggle to keep up with you.
In the last few months you've traded in diapers for big girl panties...
You've discovered all of the little hairs on your legs...
("Mommy! Who put all these hairs on my leg?!" )
You've decided that it's a necessity to wear makeup on your eyes every day just like Mommy...
Your one and only wish of having big girl earrings just like Mommy came true
(and you didn't even cry a single tear)... 
 And you celebrated your 3rd birthday...
I think it's fair to say that you've challenged me as a Mother in every way possible over the last 3 years. You have earned your nickname "Lila the Menace" (given to you before you turned a year old) an innumerable amount of times and you continually surprise me every day with what you are capable of. Just last week you put Playdoh up your nose and a bead (on separate occasions), broke one of my dining table chairs and managed to pour an entire bottle of bubbles on my family room carpet. Sigh...
Being a Mom is tough business. Some days I don't know if I should scream or cry or laugh, or do all three at the same time. Some days I just long for 10 minutes of sitting in a chair all by myself without a child climbing all over me or needing something. But in my heart, I know I wouldn't give up all the tough days with you for any different life.

The truth is, as tough as this Mom job has been the last three years, the more I get to know you, the more I wish I could be just like you. Like how you are such an awesome problem solver! When we were feeding the ducks at Liberty Park a couple weeks ago and the ducks put their nose in the air and snooted at our bread, you didn't let that get you down. You said, "You know what birds, if you aren't going to eat this yummy, cheap white bread then heck, I'm going to eat it and enjoy it!" That is my girl!

Or like how you just walked in my room a couple minutes ago wearing different pants and when I asked why you changed you said, "Oh, I just fell in the toilet! But don't worry Mommy, my butt isn't all wet anymore." So proud that you know how to take charge of sticky situations!

And I absolutely adore your ability to take your time and smell the roses. Like how when I was trying to rush you along at our trip to Willow Pond this summer and you looked up at me with your angry eyes when I asked you to please walk faster.

I wish I could just relax a little bit more and take more time to enjoy the peace and serenity of the birds and the excitement of balancing myself along the curb.

Let's not forget what an amazing will of determination you have! Like how if your brother's are going to climb to the top of that rope web at the park, then by golly, you are going to figure out how to do it too ALL by yourself...

Yep, Lila and the word fear do not ever belong in the same sentence. You are indestructible!! Want to hold a snake Lila? Well of course I do Mommy!! Boy could I use some of your bravery!

(Don't worry, my husband was kneeling down right next to her and it was a gentle snake used to being held.)
Oh how I wish I could steal some of your "I don't care what people think" tenacity. Like how you wore a birthday hat around every where we went for two days straight and instead of getting timid or embarrassed when people stared at you, you smiled and said excitedly, "Look at my party hat!"

Or how in your world, clothing is always optional. Who needs to wear a shirt when you have on a pretty necklace, right?!

And did I mention that no one eats a cupcake quite as fantastic as you do??

Without a doubt, you win the trophy for "Most Fantastic Cupcake Eater."You are adorable!

Do you know how I know God is good Lila?? Because he sent me you! Because he knew that every time I saw you smile my heart would leap out of my chest with joy!

It is impossible for me to believe that anyone will ever love you as much as I do. I guess God knew that and that's why he sent you to this imperfect Momma...Because he at least knew that I had a perfect love to offer you.

Thank you for being you and for loving me back!



Janiene Bishop said... Best Blogger Tips

Such a sweet post! Happy birthday Lila!

Deceptively Educational said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh heavens! I laughed out loud and teared up multiple times through out this post. You have SUCH a gift for words and I am beyond thrilled that you shared such a personal letter to your daughter with all of us. It reminds me of how truly special all of those little moments with my own boys are and how their quirks and kinks make them WHO they are. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for your gift to all of us. Lila is one lucky girl!

P is for Preschooler said... Best Blogger Tips

So sweet! I hope you plan on giving this to her when she's older :)