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Monday, October 21, 2013

Cupcake Liner Bats

We were in the mood for a Halloween craft today so we made cupcake liner bats. My 3yr old suggested we use purple glitter on our bats and I couldn't have been more pleased with her idea!

Instead of just using regular black paper for the wings, we wanted to create some texture to them, so we started by gluing black tissue squares all over an entire cardstock sheet of paper and let it dry completely. My daughter loves using the tissue paper squares so we seem to use them often.

Once it was dry, I turned it over and traced a bat wing pattern on the back of it for all of our wings. (I just free-handed the bat wing on a separate piece of paper to use for our pattern.)

After cutting out all of the wings, we laid them out, brushed some school glue on the front of them with a paint brush, and my daughter sprinkled the purple glitter all over them.

Once the wings were dry, we assembled our bats on our background sheet of cardstock. We used mini black cupcake liners for the bodies, googly eyes and a white crayon to draw on the mouths.

Here is how my 3yr old's bats turned out. She wanted a purple paper to match her purple glitter (of course!).

If you are looking for a simpler way of creating this craft with a larger group, you can skip out on the tissue paper wings and just use black paper sprinkled with the glitter. :)



Janiene Bishop said... Best Blogger Tips

this is awesome! i love all the texture and the way you use cupcake liners! you are so talented and one day I hope you write a book to inspire other Moms to be crafty with their kiddos!

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