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October 27, 2013

Washi Tape Turkey Craft

After my daughter had so much fun making our Washi Tape Pumpkins, I decided a turkey was definitely in order. And I know I'm partial but I like it even more than our pumpkins! 

To make a washi tape turkey you will need:
-washi tape
-brown turkey body
-white doily
-reddish feather background paper (cut like below)
-a pair of googly eyes, a bead and a gobbler

My daughter picked out which washi tapes she wanted to use on her turkey and I tore off strips for her to place on her turkey feather paper. You could also have your child cut their own strips of washi tape.

To finish your turkey, glue the white doily onto your feather background, then glue the brown turkey body onto the doily. Lastly, add the googly eyes, beak and gobbler. Isn't it cute?!

You know I couldn't miss out on the fun too!
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Mommy of Many Hats said... Best Blogger Tips

This is super cute! I always love your craft ideas for the holidays! Thanks so much for sharing.