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November 11, 2013

Cupcake Liner Turkey Craft

My daughter and I pulled out some brown mini cupcake liners today and made some cute turkeys.

We stamped the feathers on with an empty toilet paper roll.
Start by gluing one or two cupcake liners on a sheet of cardstock paper.

Press the ends of the empty toilet paper rolls together to form a feather shape (pictured below).

You'll want to use a different toilet paper roll for each color of paint. We used orange, red and yellow.

Dip the toilet paper roll in the paint and press it around the cupcake liner as feathers.

Spread the feathers around both cupcake liners and use all three colors.

This is how mine looked after I pressed all my feathers on.

After the paint dried, we glued on a 2" brown circle face, googly eyes, a beak and gobbler. We drew legs on with orange crayon.

Such a fun turkey craft for an afternoon!



Jessica said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh My, I love love love all of your posts. I'd love to have you link up your awesome ideas at your new Awesome Things Tuesday link up party. Come over and share.



Vivian said... Best Blogger Tips

I have been looking for projects to do with my daughter...thank you! I invite you to link this project in my first link party-blog hop! Hope to see you there!

Laurie said... Best Blogger Tips

I really like the feathers made with the flattened toilet paper rolls. One could really make the whole turkey using various shapes and colours. Which might give a less cookie cutter look to it.
Thanks for the inspiration.