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November 29, 2013

Kids Christmas Tree Craft

It was so fun to sit down with all of my kids this past weekend and make this simple Christmas Tree Craft. My boys tend to not love crafting anymore so when they agree to making something with me I get pretty giddy about it.  :)
We started by cutting out a snowy hill from white cardstock paper and glued it on to our blue background paper. Then we cut out a brown tree trunk and glued it on to our snowy hill.

I made a simple three triangle pattern to make our trees. You can download it HERE. I printed it out on green cardstock paper.

Glue the triangles on top of the tree trunk from large to small. We cut slits all along the bottom of the triangles to give the tree more dimension. I love how it makes the tree pop off of the page.

We have been excited to try out some products we received from our friends at and this tree craft was the perfect opportunity. We topped our tree with a Glitter Foam Star Sticker and added lots of Sparkly Glitter Glue on our trees, all provided to us from We also added sequins to finish decorating our trees.

We added snow to our artwork by gluing white hole punch circles all over our paper.

My boys also decided to add a snowman to their artwork with our paper scraps. They are so creative!  :)
We are putting up our Christmas tree today so it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas around our home.


Dr Sonia S V said... Best Blogger Tips

This is adorable Rachel. So sad your boys have grown out of crafty activities!
Dr Sonia
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