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December 1, 2013

Rudolph Reindeer Craft

I'm excited to show you this simple Rudolph craft we made out of a Yoplait Yogurt cup. After eating our yogurt we washed out our cups and let them dry. Then we gave them a good coat of brown paint. You might have to give the cup a couple coats. Let the paint dry completely before moving on.

The other parts you will need to make your Rudolph Reindeer is two large googly eyes, a medium or large sized red pom pom, a 2" brown circle with a hole punched in each side (pictured below) and 2 gold or brown pipe cleaners. For the pipe cleaners pieces, cut one of the pipe cleaners in half and set the 2 pieces aside. For the other pipe cleaner, cut the pipe cleaner in half and then half again. Set two of those pieces aside. Then cut one of the remaining pipe cleaner pieces in half again and set those aside. You should end up with the six pipe cleaner pieces.

When your yogurt cup is dry, glue the red pom pom nose and the large wiggly eyes on the yogurt cup. We found it best to use a hot glue gun for this step. **An adult will have to do this step or will have to help with this step.**

Glue the 2" brown circle on top of the yogurt container with the 2 holes aligned on the right and left sides of the cup (see picture below). 

Put the two large pipe cleaner pieces inside the holes to help measure where you want to put the antlers.

To add the antlers, take one of the medium sized pipe cleaner strips, wrap it all the way around the pipe cleaner once in the position you want it and then shape it up into a V. Do the same thing with the smallest pipe cleaner piece. Follow these steps for the other antler.

Put both antlers back into the holes on top of the yogurt cup.

Lastly, cut some small ears out of brown paper and glue them on to your Rudolph.

This Rudolph below we used a large red pom pom for the nose. My kids loved how silly the big red nose looked.

This Rudolph below has a medium sized red pom pom, my personal favorite.

These make such a fun festive decor around the house!